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05 Jul 2017
2017 Midway Point

I go through stages of productivity and procrastination frequently - much like anyone else really. I can’t be productive all the time, and the area this is most evident is in writing this blog. So many times I sit and think - ‘I should write a blog post!’, only to realise as I sit down I have very little to actually write about.

Even now I’m sat here trying to work out what to write about.

I think I want to clear my previous posts and start anew. I don’t see the point of completely wiping the site as I like the layout but eh.

In order to force myself to actually make updates to this it would probably be best to set myself a regular meeting - something that will become a lot easier as time goes by - and end to shift life is in sight. Finally I’‘ll have regular weekends and evenings!

The things I’ve managed to accomplish so far this year:


Been away a fair bit already this year: London for New years, Skiing in Montgenevre in March, Madrid in April, Wales in May, Bulgaria in June and heading to Vegas in July for BlackHat/Defcon.


I passed my OSCP in February, and am looking to make a move within my company in the next few months - feeling pretty awesome in terms of my development, and hoping the new role will be a big step forward for me.

Everything else

I finally passed my driving test, and with it my commute has reduced significantly. Very pleased with that.

Going forward, I want to run a half marathon towards the end of the year, I’m going sailing again (I’ll upload the pics sooner this time), and as I say, I’m going to Vegas.

Before the end of September, i want to have gotten a good grasp on Malware Analysis - something that’ll help my daily role.

Until next time,
J.R. at 17:09

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